Journey through Pregnancy: Second Trimester Medical Costs

Journey through Pregnancy: Second Trimester Medical Costs

We we using both of our HSAs to pay for everything during this pregnancy so nothing is “out of our pockets.” Additionally, I am considered a high risk pregnancy (genetic & blood clotting issue) so not all the costs you see here are “typical” (I put an asterisk on those for your information).

*Note: If you want to read the background on what insurance plan I have CLICK HERE. That will help the numbers below make sense.

My First Trimester Healthcare Costs

March Global Maternity Fee Payment #1+ $355.38
24-hour Urine Collection Lab* $6.04
Prenatal Vitamins $7.99
Low Dose Aspirin* $1.99
Enoxaparin Sodium Shots (2 months)* $156.00
Platelet blood test* & Spina Bifida test $16.74
Routine OBGYN+ $0.00
2 Ultrasound (Anatomy & Vaginal) & FMH Visit* $823.78
ER & Overnight Stay for heart episode (SVT)* $1,153.23
ER Ultrasound* $88.87
ER Lab Work* $49.16
April Global Maternity Fee Payment #2+ $355.38
ER Cardiologist Visit* $35.63
ER Some Doctor Visit #1* $26.38
ER Some Doctor Visit #2* $189.59
ER Discharge Doctor’s Visit* $67.13
ER OBGYN Visit* $46.88
Routine OBGYN+ $0.00
Prenatal Vitamins $13.99
Enoxaparin Sodium Shots (3 months)* $231.65
Routine OBGYN+ $0.00
Ultrasound, In Utero Heart Echocardiogram & FMH Visit* $317.18
TOTAL: $3,919.78

+Note: this amount was based off of not meeting my deductible at the time of payment calculation, the OBGYN will owe me a refund after delivery. And all $0 OBGYN appointments are covered under the Global Maternity Fee.


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