Journey through Pregnancy: Second Trimester Medical Costs

Journey through Pregnancy: Second Trimester Medical Costs

If you want to read the background on what insurance plan I have CLICK HERE. That will help the numbers below make sense. We we using our savings in our HSA to pay for everything during this pregnancy so nothing is “out of our pockets.” Additionally, I am considered a high risk pregnancy (genetic & blood clotting issue) so not all the costs you see here are “typical.” I put an asterisk on those for your information.

March Global Maternity Fee Payment #1+ $355.38
24-hour Urine Collection Lab* $6.04
Prenatal Vitamins $7.99
Low Dose Aspirin* $1.99
Enoxaparin Sodium Shots (2 months)* $156.00
Platelet blood test* & Spina Bifida test $16.74
Anatomy/Vaginal Ultrasound (2 seperate ultrasounds) & FMH Visit* $823.78
Emergency Room & Overnight Stay for SVT* $1,153.23
ER Ultrasound* $88.87
ER Lab Work* $49.16
April Global Maternity Fee Payment #2+ $355.38
ER Cardiologist Visit* $35.63
ER Doctor’s Visit* $67.13
ER OBGYN Visit* $46.88
Prenatal Vitamins $13.99
Enoxaparin Sodium Shots (3 months)* $231.65
Ultrasound, Baby’s Heart Echocardiogram & FMH Visit* $117.18
TOTAL: $3,727.55

+Note: this amount was based off of not meeting my deductible at the time of payment calculation, the OBGYN will owe me a refund after delivery


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