Journey through Pregnancy: Month 6

Journey through Pregnancy: Month 6
If you read my previous post on pregnancy loss, you would know that we’ve struggled through 2019 & 2020 with 3 miscarriages. Long story short I am a high risk pregnancy with essentially a flip of a coin for success rate for the first 8 weeks. Therefore every day is a new set of nerves because I know I am not guaranteed tomorrow. The first two pregnancies I bought pregnancy journals but with the third I said f*ck it. I’m not wasting my money when who knows how long this will last. And so birthed this blog series (pun totally intended).

How far along

Starting week 25 as of Tuesday, April 27 (although I think I’m off on the weeks to months thing). I don’t know, but I do know my due week is the first week of August.

*Note: My Mayo Clinic Pregnancy book says month six is weeks 21-24 & that the third trimester begins with week 25. I’m going off of their authority.


The baby is a boy & his name is William James Furiosi III. Now to find a suitable nickname. Not accepting: Willy or Liam or Billy.

Total weight gain/stretch marks

I don’t feel like I’m gaining weight but the scale says otherwise so I guess I’m ok. My back was cranky week 23 but it was farther up so I think it is my scoliosis acting up (yep! add that to my medical complications list lol). I have spoken to my doctor about getting a prescription back brace that will be measured to my body. I hope to get this in early in my third trimester to help keep me from being too miserable.

I don’t see any stretch marks but I know third trimester is prime stretching time so I am still diligently putting on lotion every damn day!

Maternity Clothes

I bought another haul of maternity clothes that should last me until the end:

  1. 2 more maternity/nursing bras (for a total of 3 plus 2 comfy no underwire non-maternity bras that still fit)
  2. 5 pairs of maternity underwear (yes, I didn’t know they existed either but they’re lovely & much needed)
  3. 1 more pair of lounging maternity leggings
  4. 1 pair of workout maternity leggings (these SUCCKKKK by the way)

With my Motherhood Maternity order they tossed in a free tote, free shipping & I got $20 off for a total of $102. Win!

I also took a stroll around the neighborhood during our garage sale and this awesome neighbor gifted me 2 pairs of leggings and a gorgeous gorgeous black one-shouldered maxi dress (now I just need somewhere to go!)


I have a pile of pillows next to my bed on the floor but I’m not really consistently using them in bed (yet). I really don’t like lots of pillows and my belly is still comfortable while I sleep. However, they are always at the ready in case I need them! Things I am also keeping by my bedside: snack bar & water bottle. The water is essential when I inevitably wake up at 4am quite thirsty.

Miss Anything?

I’m not super uncomfortable yet but getting snuggly on the couch or bed isn’t the easiest. Sometimes I’ll lean back and go “oh no! belly does not like that!” Cuddling with the hubs is also a bit more awkward these days with a belly in the way. I certainly miss the ease in which I used to get up from the couch or the floor and being able to swiftly get by students or desks in my classroom. That certainly does not happen these days. But my kids are sweet and are making sure to keep the aisles clear of trip hazards for me.


No, still eating a very balanced diet but definitely more carbs, like I have been wanting all pregnancy.


I woke up one morning hungry as heck but that subsided since. However a lovely friend of mine who had a baby a few weeks ago told me that’s going to happen more so I stashed a snack bar by my nightstand in case that happens again so I don’t have to get up and go to pantry to get food.


The shitty state of health insurance in what is supposed to be “the wealthiest” country in the world is appalling and has me in a terrible mood. Florida has a state option, but GUESS WHAT!? It starts a 1 years old for healthy babies (i.e. without disabilities) who are not impoverished. Our work insurance is legitimately a racket at $400 a paycheck (hello! I only bring in $1,300 a paycheck & $800 goes to our mortgage). I spent most of this month swimming drowning in understanding what I would need for a baby’s first year for healthcare. I don’t want to be caught living hand to mouth each month because I bought the expensive, unnecessary premium health insurance without understanding it, but nor do I want to risk financial ruin by choosing a cheap, crappy plan that endangers my baby. I am not ready with my “solution” yet for our family but I will unveil when I do.

Secondly, I’m also struggling to work through a plan for childcare. If I had it my way, I would stay home for the baby’s first year but that is not financially viable in this state (hmm Republican “pro-life” state without any paid maternity leave and insurance premiums that I cannot afford). So we are going to need childcare November – May. I don’t want a daycare center for a baby under 1, and I don’t want to spend my entire paycheck having someone else watch my baby. I still have things I want to do with my life! Yes, I love my baby but I don’t want 75% of my paycheck going to basic things that robs us of the joy of living.

Best Moment this Month

There really isn’t one highlight. I do look super cute bumpin’ in clothes so I’m taking a lot more selfies lol But honestly I am just desperate for this school year to end so I can focus more on this baby.

Hardest Moment this Month

Nothing much. Just a lot in my brain of what is to come: health insurance costs, day care logistics & costs, pumping at work, how the heck to plan for 4 months with a long term sub. . . All that nonsense that I know will fall into place but that I cannot control right now.

Looking forward to

Feeling the baby more. A little flutter here and there but nothing much. Granted, I find the whole “there is another living being inside of me moving around” creepy as hell, it would be comforting to physically be aware of that life more.


I found out the hard way I definitely need maternity leggings to go running now. The thigh chafing was real roughhhhh!!! I had to cut my run short because of that & 2 days later I made an order for new leggings.

Will & I did some workouts together (each doing our own thing) & I kept up my level of activity. My back is definitely starting to hurt more so I am ordering a brace for that. Hopefully it helps support, me even while being active, to reduce the pain.


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