Journey through Pregnancy: Month 4

Journey through Pregnancy: Month 4
If you read my previous post on pregnancy loss, you would know that we’ve struggled through 2019 & 2020 with 3 miscarriages. Long story short I am a high risk pregnancy with essentially a flip of a coin for success rate for the first 8 weeks. Therefore every day is a new set of nerves because I know I am not guaranteed tomorrow. The first two pregnancies I bought pregnancy journals but with the third I said f*ck it. I’m not wasting my money when who knows how long this will last. And so birthed this blog series (pun totally intended).

How far along

16 weeks (I wrote this at the beginning of week 17)


It’s a boy 🙂

Total weight gain/stretch marks

About 9-10 lbs so I’m around 145 lbs consistently. At this point I am expected to gain about a pound a week! I am making sure to use lotion pretty much every time I hop out of the shower to help prevent stretch marks. So far so good.

Most of my weight is still belly weight; yes, my body overall is rounder but not by much.

Maternity Clothes

I got a bunch of stuff from a friend so I don’t really need much right now. However only one pair of jeans fit so I need to invest in a pair of maternity jeans soon. As much as I love dresses and skirts, it would be nice to pull on a pair of pants every once in a while.

I’ve bought a few things like tshirts and loose dresses but nothing maternity specific. New bras are going to be a MUST this upcoming week!


Tossing and turning a bit in the night but still sleeping fine and waking up well rested. I don’t get up to pee anymore in the middle of the night thank goodness. I usually get thirsty around 3-4am but keeping water on my nightstand means it minimally disrupts my sleep.

Miss Anything?

No, not at all actually. Maybe being able to have a beer or cocktail with friends but sparking water with fruit is fine with me.


Just my regular self. This baby for sure likes bread though. . .Cuban bread to be exact. lol (or maybe it’s just his momma???)

I have been eating a little packet of nuts every day to *try* to avoid nut allergies, not sure if this is just an old wives tale but whatevs. I’ve also been eating a banana a day, I like bananas when not pregnant but not this much. I’m guessing my body wants the potassium.

We don’t eat sweets during Lent (except Sundays & Solemnities, the whole Solemnities thing is new for us) and so far that has not been an issue with me. Although I still like a cafe con leche 4-5 times a week as a treat. 🙂


I threw up once this month??? And I went to bed early (like 9 pm) a few nights in a row but nothing crazy.


I’ve always been very emotionally even keeled & that has continued through the pregnancy so far. If anything, my mood has improved because the baby is doing well and I’m very comfortable in my skin. People are starting to notice I’m pregnant vs. just fat so that’s nice. lol

Best Moment this Month

Making aliñao, a traditional rum-fruit drink from the province of Oriente, Cuba where my mom’s family comes from, with my mom & aba was hands down the highlight. My parents & grandmother came over to stay for President’s Weekend (we wore masks inside & my aba had just gotten her second COVID vaccine shot!!!). I love having them here, working on the baby registry and making aliñao together (it is now fermenting in my closet for the next 6 months).

Will and I also have the best community of friends & family! So many amazing people have sent gifts, food or their sage advice and support. It means the world to me how much this baby is loved already.

Hardest Moment this Month

High risk pregnancy aside, I’m having an “easy” pregnancy. Besides the nightly shots that hurt and leave my abdomen bruised, I’ve got no lows. And I am so thankful for that because I know so many women struggle deeply through pregnancy.

Having an amazing husband has also helped immensely. Will is so excited and so funny when it comes to my belly, it always helps to lighten any mood.

Looking forward to

Feeling comfortable in my skin. This is such a weird phenomenon, there’s no amount of reading or classes that can prepare you for it. I’m still getting used to looking the way I do with my swelling belly but I’m getting into a groove. I’m just looking forward to  everything right now (except labor I guess lol).


A ton this month!!! Lots of hikes, running, biking, yoga, strength training, walks, you name it! And as a bonus I felt freaking powerful during all of it, hell, even better than I normally do. Maybe it’s my increased lung capacity to bring oxygen to this baby, I don’t know, but my asthma isn’t bothering me as much when I work out. I’m going to try to keep up a good workout routine as long as possible to help for a speedy labor and recovery.


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