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Costa Rican Food

Costa Rican Food

When on a trip I always leave the meal planning to my husband (still getting used to that word!). I mostly pick places with my stomach and eyes, simply choosing what is nearby because I’m starving while Will researches and reads reviews ahead of time. Even though we only spent a day and a half in Jaco, we had some yummy food experiences.

A few notes on Jaco food establishments:

  • EVERYTHING is either directly on or right off of the main road Avenida Pastor Diaz. No crazy back alley directions but there are so many signs you really have to look closely to find anything.
  • Nearly every place in Jaco could do Costa Rican Colones OR USD. This really threw us off, because we are so used to only paying in local currency. Pay in whatever that shop uses so you do not get duped by an exchange rate in either direction.

Here are our food reviews for places we ate in Jaco, Costa Rica.

Jaco Rustico

While probably the most “authentic” meal we had (authentic is actually hard to find in such a tourist town), it was not my fav, but it was Will’s. We had rice, beans, plátanos maduros, meat, potatoes, and salad. I was not blown away by this meal because this food was a household staple while growing up and I feel my abuela made it better.

Coffee Roasters

OMG SO GOOD! We started our beach day with iced coffees; I had Nutella and Will got a coffee milkshake. This place was such a unexpected delight!

Side Street Bistro

This was my favorite meal in Jaco but *disclaimer* I fell in love with the restaurant at first sight and without my knowledge it was also #1 on Will’s researched list. I was predisposed to love it to redeem my many past failures. It was all so fresh and light & super delicious. See what we both ate!

  • Will’s Meal: Homemade Barba Roja beer, Medianoche sandwich (Cuban food by the way…) with a side of fresh fruit
  • My Meal: Homemade lemonade, Mahi Mahi Burrito with Yucca fries & a Rosemary Limeade Cocktail

Taco Joint

Will was soooo excited to eat here because he heard over the moon things about their fish tacos but he said his meal was just ok 🙁 It’s a simple and yummy concept: you choose your meal size: taco, quesadilla, or burrito then pick your meat: fish, shrimp, beef, chicken, or pork. When the meat is cooked you pick from a wide variety of toppings and yummy sauces. Good snack place!

Mas x Menos Supermarket

I actually love going into foreign supermarkets for a few reasons:

  1. I love seeing the “raw” food people eat around the world
  2. We buy stuff for snacks, late meals, & breakfast to save money
  3. It usually makes me appreciate my hometown Publix even more than I already do 🙂



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