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Travel Tips: Italian Food

Travel Tips: Italian Food

Nearly every American I know salivates at the idea of “true” Italian food. A question people always ask me about my time in Italy, “How amazing was the food?” Pretty darn amazing, but not usually for the reasons people think. The cooks are good, not better than America, Italian mommas cook well, but it’s the quality that blows America out of the water. Simple, good food is the backbone of the country. We were able to get vegetables from a farmer’s garden while in Genova and each tomato was a delight and was full of flavor. I’m still eating these tomatoes a week later at home.


One amazing meal made Maria and Maddy was so simple but glorious: fried zucchini flowers (seriously amazing – must try at home!), caramelized carrots, chicken kabob meat, tomatoes, onion, and cucumber salad, bread and wine. How simple is that! Good quality always beats out fancy feasts (totally forgot to take a photo before it was devoured). Also the town I’m staying in, Novara, is known for Gorgonzola. I am in heaven! Gorgonzola is expensive in America and here I got a kilo for 4,50€ straight from the factory! Mmmmmm…cheese…..



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