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If you’ve thought about veiling…

If you’ve thought about veiling…

This weekend is the unofficial “Wear a Veil to Mass Day.” Headcovering for women is something seen in many religions around the world and the Catholic Church too has a long tradition of it. It’s no longer required for women, and absolutely not necessary, but I have seen a lot of personal benefit from it. There are definitely a few more women veiling at our church than when I started 2 years ago (a few of those women even picked my brain before deciding to start veiling which was pretty cool).

If you’ve thought about it or wanted to know more about Catholic female veiling here are a few resources below:


P.S. Don’t assume that become someone veilis they are any better or “more faithful” as a person, we’re all just imperfect people trying to get by in an imperfect world.

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