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Frida Kahlo @ The Dali

I had a blast spending my Saturday in Tampa Bay just exploring all by myself. After eating a second breakfast at a yummy cafe, I walked towards the Dalí Museum specifically to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. In all honestly, I don’t absolutely love her art style (I creeps me out which is totally the point!). I do, however, love the stories she tells through her art.

I love a good coupon. Picked up this brochure from the lobby and instantly saved $2!

If you have never been to the Dalí Museum, I highly suggest it! It is not overly large; just the perfect size for 2-3 hours of enjoyment, they have a fantastic guided tour and audio guides. The grounds themselves are also beautifully situated on the coast in St. Petersburg and they have this fabulous tree, a maze, and beautiful grass with plenty of fun sculptures and seating. I got to the museum about 20 minutes before it opened so I hung out in the patio for a while soaking up the sun.
The Frida exhibit is only here at the museum until April 17th, so if you are interested, pop over to St. Petersburg ASAP! Her expressions of pain about her accident and her relationship with fellow artist Diego Rivera are just so incredibly raw and moving. I feel that Frida is an artist that never backs away from the truth, no mater how unpleasant, contradictory, and emotional, and I appreciate her honesty.
Also, I totally bought a “Viva la Frida” shirt and “Frida-esque” headband while at the museum and wore it to school while teaching Two Fridas. It was a huge hit!


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