Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Ah love in the time of coronavirus huh!? 😉

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary and it was different to say the least, the saddest difference for us personally was the venue of our reception, Ceviche, was closed because of COVID-19 (hopefully not permanently) so we had to find a new place for dinner. Sounds super stupid I know, but the tradition of paella and cava has been an important one to us. And I think rituals can be extra important in times of uncertainty.

As you may be aware I am a lover of lists and tradition, so the gifts for the fourth anniversary are as follows:

  • Traditional (UK): linen
  • Traditional (US): fruits & flowers
  • Modern: appliances

This year (& probably only this year) we got to combine all three. My mom, ever on point with her thematic gifting, gave us a gift card to the grocery store to buy fruit to dip in the fondue pot she bought us (an appliance). Very cute mom. And Will and I decided to commit to building raised beds in the backyard and cultivate our garden (fruits & flowers…stretching it I know) AND *finally* buy a canvas triptych printed with a photograph that Will took of Chichen Itza while we were vacationing in the Yucatan (linen).

I value gifts that are long lasting and useful. I literally couldn’t have asked for anything better this year!


P.S. It’s also difficult to celebrate because in the wee hours of the morning of June 12, 2016 was the Pulse Nightclub shooting near our venue in downtown Orlando. Ever year we are confronted with the fact that the day that brings us so much joy is also a day of deepest sorrow and despair for so many in our community. It feels even more overwhelming this year too with COVID, the Black Lives Matter protests, and just Trump being himself. However, whenever I feel selfish for celebrating I have to remember that even in the darkest days we must remember what keeps us going, our loved ones. I can lift a glass to toast our marriage on Thursday and then lift a fist to fight police brutality on Saturday.

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