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Feast Day Co. Guest Post: La Befana

Feast Day Co. Guest Post: La Befana

Hey guys!

I wrote another guest blog post for The Feast Day Company on the Epiphany in Italy. The Epiphany is January 6th, celebrated with mass this Sunday, and it marks the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas. We don’t have children yet so I will not be celebrating the presents part of the holiday but I hope to remember to bless the house with chalk! Check out my blog post on their site, Chatter in the Vestibule:

La Befana and the Magi Jessica Furiosi

Also, they have fantastic Catholic books, food products, yummy-smelling candles & other religious paraphernalia. Put something in your virtual shopping cart while you’re on their site. I love their stuff!


P.S. This is totally not a sponsored post, they asked me to write something for free, so I did. Yay! Enjoy!

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