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Favorite New Year’s Eve Memories

Favorite New Year’s Eve Memories

So total disclaimer, I am NOT a fan of New Year’s Eve. I just don’t get all that excited for it and I normally like it being in bed before midnight. That being said I am in a clear minority in my family which means I am usually at events for New Year’s Eve that don’t typically suck. This year we are spending New Year’s Eve in Siena so we’ll see what the night finds for us!

I thought this would be a good moment to reflect upon a few of my favorite New Year’s Eves of the past:


2016 New Year’s in Munich, Germany

This was literally the craziest New Years’ Eve I ever have (or ever want) to experience! Basically the weather was freeezzzing and I really didn’t want to go out in the cold but I was outnumbered so we went to the Olympic Park in Munich and man, that was THE place to be. People were blowing off fireworks all around us it looked like a smoky war scene. It was such a surreal atmosphere and although I was miserably cold, it was an experience I can never forget.

Oh and the Germans have the funniest New Year’s Eve tradition of watching this British short called “Dinner for One.” Read my blog post on it HERE.

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2018 New Years in the Yucatan, Mexico

This past New Year’s Eve was super low-key, we just went to one of Aba’s friend’s house for dinner, chit chatting, and watching fireworks. But my dad found a New Year’s piñata in a shop that I thought was super cute. 🙂 The next day we stayed at the beach house chilling because the weather was crappy and cold, not the best omen for the year but it was family centered and peaceful.

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2013 New Year’s Eve in Florence, Italy

A few years ago Will and I did a 2-week Italian adventure and we were in Florence for New Year’s. I made the traditional cotechino (sausage) with lentils at our hostel but we did not go out for festivities. I was totally worn out from the day and we had a busy day ahead. I’ll be honest, I totally regret not pushing through that night.

This year, we are in Siena (both cities are in Tuscany) and I will try to get my hands on cotechino and lentils to cook or we’ll go out to eat…we’ll see. But we’re adding another Italian New Year’s tradition this year: wearing new red underwear for good…luck. 😉

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New Year’s Eve at home

This is my favorite way to spend New Year’s Eve actually! For a few years we’ve gotten together with family to play board games, watch movies, and wait up until midnight. Easy peasy!

So, however, you choose to spend it: Happy New Year’s!!! Feliz Año Nuevo!


P.S. My Cuban family has a tradition of eating 12 grapes at each stroke of the clock to represent good luck in each month of the New Year – that is a tradition I totally keep up.

P.P.S. My abuela had a tradition of throwing money out the apartment window to hope for money in the New Year – that is a tradition I totally will NOT keep up. lol.

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