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2017 Fall & Winter Travel Plans

2017 Fall & Winter Travel Plans

Weekend in Washington, D.C.

This October I am taking a day off work to travel up to D.C. to see a Vermeer exhibit with an old student of mine (very weird, I know but she is awesome and was a student of mine for 2 years!). It’s going to be such an art-filled weekend! This will actually be my first long weekend trip during the school year (crazy enough) and I’ve been exploring the idea of adding more of these to our year schedule, but it’s so hard being a teacher to take the time to get away during the school year.

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Thanksgiving in Southern California

Will and I have been incredibly blessed to be able to combine travel and family over our week-long Thanksgiving break. Last year, it was New York and Cape Cod and this year we are visiting my aunt and Will’s cousin (& new baby!) in SoCal. Thankfully, we are avoiding LA at all costs! In 2012, my family did the “LA scene” so I am looking forward to seeing some of the secrets of the other areas. Will is looking forward to the beaches…of course.

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New Year’s in Mexico

My aunt has a house on the beach in Mexico nearby Mérida, and my parents, grandmother, Will and I are jumping on the chance to spend a week after Christmas just slowing down on the beach. I am not really “planning” this trip, just made sure to note a couple of things that I HAVE to see/do and letting my Aba lead us around. I’m happy to be able to change up the pace a bit during this hectic time of year.

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  1. I love staying in touch with my former students; not weird at all. I bet you made an important impression on the student.

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