Exploring UNESCO Intangible Heritage

Exploring UNESCO Intangible Heritage

If you have been following this blog a little bit you know I am obsessed with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and I use them to help me plan every vacation. When I have recently stumbled upon a new UNESCO list to add to my travel planning: Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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The goal of this UNESCO list is to move beyond the places that have shaped history to understand how ongoing human culture connects us with the past. Examples of things included on this list are songs, oral folklore, diets and food traditions, rituals and festivals, local knowledge and traditions passed on through the ages. These “intangibles” are disappearing at an alarming rate as the world becomes increasingly globally connected and as Western pop culture is continuing the alter the rich native cultures around the world.

In the process of planning for our next big summer adventure to Spain I am going to use the UNESCO Intangible Heritage website alongside the UNESCO World Heritage website to craft a trip that not only sees all the sights but also experiences the right cultural history of each location.

Here are some of the things I am looking into for our upcoming Spain trip:


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