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2016 Trip: Eating in the Big Apple

2016 Trip: Eating in the Big Apple

**Disclaimer** there are a million things to eat in New York City and a lot of that is wayyyy out of my comfortable price range. So just keep in mind this is not a “must eat” or “best places” of NYC list, this is just what we happened to do on our most recent trip.

Breakfast & Coffee Shops

Tal Bagel, Uptown
Fast paced, easy and yummy! These people mean business! You pick your bagel type and toppings, it’s wrapped in paper, you pay, then BAM you’re done.

  • My meal: Everything Bagel with Olive Cream Cheese
  • His meal: Everything Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese

 Carnegie Coffee, Uptown
I ended up here twice because I gave up looking for a new breakfast place on the fourth day, so I obviously liked it. Their drinks, although pricier than I am used to, were really good. Creamy and full of flavor, not sugar.

  • My meal:
    • Day 1: Cubanito (1 shot espresso & condensed milk) & a plain scone
    • Day 2: Chai Tea Latte & a plain scone
  • His drink: Cortado 

Eataly, Downtown
I’ve been dying to go to Eataly since I first learned about it in Italian class at UCF. I was overwhelmed to say the least. This is a marketplace/café/restaurant/gourmet food store and it was glorious. I didn’t have a ton of time to gleefully run up and down the aisles but  it was great and they had a lot of foods I haven’t seen since I left Italy. One issue: their pastries were not as abundant nor delicious as I know Italians can make.

  • My meal: Cannoli & Cappuccino (neither very large)
  • His meal: Chocolate chip Cannoli & Piedmonte coffee (double shot espresso, whipped cream, & cocoa powder)

Petite Shell, Uptown
This place was straight up high-class hipster so you know they had good coffee and tea. Will wanted to sit somewhere facing an intersection to test out some camera settings and so that is exactly what we did. All in all, very good drinks!

  • My drink: Honey Chai Tea
  • His drink: Cortado

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, Grand Central Station
I really hated this place, I already wrote a not-so-nice review on Yelp, which I never do but this place deserved it.

  1. They were extremely rude to me and the lady in front of me
  2. Their drinks were crappy and terribly expensive prices; I wasn’t expecting the best quality or price in a train station but this was bad
  3. Bad service (see #1) and they gave Will the another person’s drink and then gave me a lukewarm one
  • My drink: Chai Latte (which was lukewarm)
  • His drink: Cortado (apparently his new favorite thing in case you can’t tell…)



Joe’s Pizza, Brooklyn
Not the best pizza I have had in my life but it was good and I was hungry. The end.

  • My meal: slice of White Pizza
  • His meal: slice of Sicilian Pizza

Indikitch, Midtown
Funny enough this restaurant is a few doors down from another one on this list, Chai Thai Kitchen. Also Asian inspired but this time it’s Indian food. Will perfectly summed up the vibe of this place as an Indian Chipotle. I really can’t say it better myself. I would throw a party if Indikitch moved down to Orlando it was that good and great prices too!

  • My meal: Pork Dosa (like a taco)
  • His meal: Chicken Feast (I can’t even begin to describe it)

William Poll’s Sandwich Shop
So I was really skeptical of Will’s choice for lunch because it seemed more like a gourmet food shop than a sandwich shop but then I tasted their homemade dips and was convinced. Not only was their food simple and high quality, the owner was so nice and kept giving us things to sample. And things were delicious.

  • My meal: Ham, cucumber dip, and watercress on white bread
  • His Meal: Poll Special on white bread (no idea what was on this)
  • Bonus: Potato chips & Chocolate meringue



Shake Shack, Uptown
My cousin brought us to his favorite burger joint. Hate me or not, I got a mushroom burger and it was beyond the moon fantastic. It felt like blasphemy ordering a vegetarian meal at a burger place but well worth it. Oh, also we totally got a shake too and it was so creamy and yummy.

  • My meal Mushroom Burger
  • His meal: Bacon Cheeseburger, Fries, & a Chocolate Milkshake

Chai Thai Kitchen, Midtown
So funny story about this place, my aunt and uncle ate here once and we spend a good half hour to 45 minutes trying to find it again. We were about to give up when we found it; isn’t that always how it works out! This restaurant had a small first floor with only 4-5 other tables so it felt very intimate. Their hot sake was perfect for a cold day and we got fish cakes, veggie dumplings, and edamame for appetizers – all delicious. I got the Duck Tamarind because good duck is hard to find and this was excellently lightly fried.

Margarita NYC, Little Italy
We were walking through Chinatown and Little Italy around dinner time and settled on Little Italy since Will was craving pizza. When we first walked in we were the only people in the adorable restaurant and I really enjoyed eavesdropping on the wait staff speaking Italian – that was a good sign already.

The pizza was good, it tasted identical to the pizza I ate a lot of in Florence. We really enjoyed talking to the staff and it just felt so much like the Italy I remembered.

  • My meal: Prosciutto Cotto & Funghi Pizza
  • His meal: Margarita Pizza


Bars & Alcohol

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn
This was one of my favorite chill things we did on this trip. You pay $20 for 5 tokens; 1 token = 1 beer (already not a bad deal!) You can do a Brewery tour but we opted to just grab a couple of beers, sit on a bench and talk. I really liked their selection! Beyond good drinks, they had a cool vibe. Very open and intimate at the same time.

  • His drinks: Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Pilsner
  • My drinks: I have no idea what I drank because they were seasonal beers and I can’t find it on their website

Slattery’s Irish Pub, Midtown
We weren’t in this bar very long. My cousin Matt’s other cousin, Jessica (I know it gets confusing) was turning 25 so we popped in for an hour or so to say hello. It was a classy wood-paneled pub and my Rum & Coke was excellent.


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