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Discovering Dante in Florence

Discovering Dante in Florence

While studying abroad in Florence the first time I had the absolutely pleasure to study the Inferno; what a better place to engross myself in the world and literature of Dante! And even better, when I was in Florence for Christmas a few years ago I was reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and reliving the story all over again.

Dante lived most of his life in Florence, before he was exiled and never returned, but he always harbored great love (and resentment) towards “his” city. There are many places to “discover” Dante in Florence!

Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza Signoria

Those of you who had read Dan Brown’s Inferno may know about Dante’s death mask in the Palazzo. Funny enough it is tucked away quiet unassuming unless you know what you are looking for.

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Dante’s House

It’s a nice little exhibit filled with reproduction furniture and copies of his literature. Out in the courtyard there seems to always be a wreath of flowers for the beloved poet. It doesn’t cost much and if you are a fan, go for it!

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Santa Croce

Although they have a giant statue of Dante outside AND a memorial inside, everyone think it is Dante’s tomb, but it is not. Although they would like you to think so. Be aware, his body is NOT in Florence. It is in a little town called Ravenna on the eastern coast. It’s about a 4 hour train ride from Florence if you wish to visit there, highly worth it!

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