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Day Trip to Assisi

Day Trip to Assisi

While studying abroad in Florence, Italy a few years back I made every opportunity to travel as much as possible on the weekends. Assisi is a little more than 2 hours away from Florence and a pretty easy train ride. Assisi is most famous for St. Francis and his basilica painted by Giotto and this is exactly why I went.

Although I was unable to take pictures inside the church, I don’t think the photos would do it justice anyways. The lower basilica feels so intimate, like a hug, and it just envelopes you in this rich colors relating the narrative of St. Francis’ life. It is most certainly the most religious spot I have ever been to and that’s saying something because I’ve done a lot of church hopping. 🙂

I highly suggest it! Even if you are not religious. Assisi is a gorgeous and quaint town to walk although it is quite a hike up from the train station. Annnndddd it’s a UNESCO Site 🙂



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