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Day Trip from Berlin: Potsdam

Day Trip from Berlin: Potsdam

The palaces of Potsdam form part of one of the three UNESCO Sites in the Berlin city-limits; although they are not really “in” the city. The site is a string of exuberant palaces and gardens associated with the Prussian Empire. We specifically walked around Sanssouci Park grounds, but there is wayyy more to see!


Sanssouci Palace

Certainly the most famous of all the Prussian Palaces in Berlin, Sanssouci Palace is impressively picturesque (although less so in winter). It has become the poster child of Frederick the Great’s reign as his summer residence. The palace was completed in 1747 and has a gorgeous, impressive stepped terrace leading up to the Palace. Great photo-op!

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Picture Gallery

Interestingly enough this was actually the first independent museum building in Germany when it was built in 1763. They have a healthy collection of Rubens, van Dyck, and Caravaggio although they were closed for renovations when we visited. 🙁

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Historic Windmill

I love windmills, I find them super romantic! When there is warmer weather out, you can actually go inside this windmill for a little lesson on the mechanics. Again, everything was pretty much closed and cold when we went. 🙁

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New Palace at Sanssouci

We were almost not going to go to this palace because we were freezing and tired but I am so glad we did! This has to be THE most impressive palace I’ve ever seen. Maybe it was the barren tourist-free landscape, or the frozen tundra ground, or the blinding sunlight piercing through the architecture but this was other worldly. I cannot even begin to image what it was like in use with princes and princesses in their gorgeous costumes parading for all to see! The whole interior is decorated in a Frederician Rococo style, so I’m sure it is overwhelming also (FYI we did not go inside, it was getting late and closing).

I would love to come back to Sanssouci Park just to visit the palaces again (when it’s not freezing of course!).

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