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Ciao Italia!

Ciao Italia!

Well it is officially day two of my Italian adventure!

My flights yesterday were fine; on the Transatlantic flight to Lisbon, I ironically sat next to a gentleman from Spain and we talked for a while before trying to sleep. Funny enough, as I learn more Italian I find it easier to speak Spanish. 🙂 While I was getting off the plane for my connection in Lisbon a flight attendant gave me a tin box and said “Un regalo, Jessica.” I was surprised but happy. I went to the bathroom to freshen up before going through customs and checked the box to make sure I wasn’t becoming an accidental drug mule. 🙂 And happily, I wasn’t. It was a nice box with ear plugs, an eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and lotion. I could have definitely used the eye mask a few hours earlier but hey, better late than never!

My first day in Novara went smoothly, I took a much-needed shower and nap and then Maddy, my host, her dog, Dolly, and Maddy’s friend, Maria, and I went to a county festival. I’m translating it as a “county festival” because that is the best way I can describe it. We ordered one of everything, pretty much, and ate and ate and ate. I love Italian food. It was a blast! We got home around midnight. What a first day! I didn’t sleep at all at night because we had Italian coffee during the afternoon, a mistake I will not make again!

Second day (which is still going on) is different. School started today, so Maddy and I went to visit and she showed me around. Maddy was the PE teacher but she is not teaching this year. I met more people than I can possibly remember, and I actually had a harder time speaking in English than Italian, which is weird. I had to force myself to speak in English. I met my contact at the school Prof. Bellati and the principal, which they call president, of the school. She told me to take a vacation before starting school. Funny right!? So with that, I am now heading off to Genova for 5 days with Maddy, Dolly, and Maria to stay with Maddy’s family after a bridal shower (at least I think I’m going to a bridal shower). Here goes nothing!

I will officially start classes, teaching, Monday…at least I think 🙂


P.S. forgive me if I have a bunch of spelling mistakes and missed punctuation, I’m using Maddy’s Italian computer.

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