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My Favorite Churches

My Favorite Churches

I was going over previous posts I wrote about visiting churches recently and I just really love visiting churches. Not only are they architecturally gorgeous but they are dark and mysterious with some of the most beautiful artwork.

So here are some of my favorite church blog posts:

Scrovegni Chapel

I had been looking forward to visiting the Scrovegni Chapel ever since I set foot in Dr. Zaho’s art history class freshman year of college and it did not disappoint! The colors and intimate space took my breath away. You couldn’t take photos when I went but now you can! Padua is a great day trip from Venice & I prefer to stay there to visit Venice rather than the other way around.

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Aachen Dom

I was so looking forward to this UNESCO Site this past Christmas because I love the romantic idea of Charlemagne as this man battling the stereotype of the “dark ages” with light and beauty. And boy did he accomplish that with the interior mosaics! Plus my sister lives in Aachen, Germany.

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Some of the Many Churches of Rome

There are just wayyyy too many churches in Rome to name them separately. While teaching abroad in Italy a few years ago I made sure to do my due diligence and run around seeing as many as possible. Although if I had to pick ONE, it would be Sant’Ignazio, the mother church for the Jesuits, for the ceiling.

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Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá

While all the other examples on here are from Europe, this was is all South American. Zipaquirá hands down wins the “most unusual” award because the church is in an old salt mine.

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All the Churches of Florence

Like Rome, there is too much going on in this Renaissance city to name all the great churches individually, but here is a fantastic overview list of some of my favs!

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