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Celebrating New Year’s Eve the German Way

So we learned of a German New Year’s tradition this year and decided to take part. Apparently many people in Germany (and lots of other places in Europe) watch this short film Dinner for One on New Years Eve. So we decided what the heck, lets watch! Strange does not even begin to sum up this experience. The basic storyline goes like this: a rich, elderly woman is celebrating her 90th birthday with her friends but they’ve all been dead for 25 years so her butler, James, reenacts each guests. They have multiple courses and drinks and James gets drunker and drunker each round because he is drinking four times every round as each of the guests.

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As were watching this, Will thought it would be a great drinking game! So here are the “rules” we just made up: very time James trips over the rug you take a shot & every time he drinks for a guest you have to drink the same type of drink and with him. This requires some planning because he drinks sherry, white wine, champagne, & port all through the meal! Have fun!

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Happy New Year’s from Munich!



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