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Catholic Culture: 2020 Ash Wednesday & Lent

Catholic Culture: 2020 Ash Wednesday & Lent

Well the house is clean of all the goodies! I talked to Will about giving up wine and that was a hard no. lol I didn’t fight him, I’m going to France for spring break anyways…sooo…yeah. But in all seriousness today begins another year of Lenten reflection. I try to thoughtfully add something each year to our Lenten traditions but spring is a difficult period for us, being right in the middle of Will’s tennis season. So we do what we can, and don’t sweat what we can’t.

Our current Lenten traditions:

  • Ash Wednesday mass & ashes
  • Breaking of our Ash Wednesday fast with dinner at Sushi Pop (Will & I have done this since before he was Catholic!)
  • Not missing mass for ANY REASON (I‘m actually really nervous this year because I’ll be a chaperone on a spring break trip and I am trying to figure out our schedule so I can sneak away, but as one of the chaperone’s that’s not all that feasible. I decided if I cannot pull away from my duties for an hour I will watch mass on the internet. Well thanks to coronavirus outbreak we did not go on the trip, but public masses are canceled so my plan B still stands.)
  • Making a light Mushroom Soup for Ash Wednesday lunch (as it is a fasting & meatless day)
  • Ridding the house of sweets & showering my coworkers with the things I couldn’t finish eating
  • Not eating sweets during Lent
  • Giving up something for the 40 days (no cheating on Sundays)
  • Adding a daily prayer
  • Doing specific daily kindness for others
  • Stations of the Cross on Fridays
  • Meatless Fridays

So the list above is pretty run of the mill basic Catholic. I get it, I’m no superwoman but I’m trying. I am interested in decorating the house more for Lent à la Kendra Tierney at Catholic All Year (thinking a crown of thrones as a dining room table centerpiece, adding touches of purple…) We’ll see how that goes.

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