Lonely Planet: Top 500 Global Destinations

I was bored recently so I googled "list of global landmarks" to see how many I have been to and since I think someone else in the universe may not care like I do, here's a list of the places from the list I have been to (if you want to full list/quiz CLICK HERE). [...]

Some of my Favorite Churches

I was going over previous posts I wrote about visiting churches recently and I just really love visiting churches. Not only are they architecturally gorgeous but they are dark and mysterious with some of the most beautiful artwork. So here are some of my favorite traveling church posts: Scrovegni Chapel I had been looking forward [...]

Monday in Rome, Part I: Church Hopping

You may be asking what the heck is church hopping? Well, it’s like bar hopping but for art history buffs. I’ve actually never been bar hopping, so I’m not sure how accurate my description is. Let me know. Disclaimer: I’m splitting this day up into two because it’s too much; here is the second half. [...]