Student Series! Stained Glass & Gargoyles

Sweeping, grand buildings once completely ruled the skylines of medieval Europe. Even to this day, they stand out among modern buildings as pure solid pieces of beautiful art. We've all heard of pointed arches and flying buttresses, but what about the stained glass windows that brought a stunningly ethereal aspect to Gothic buildings, and what [...]

Eating Around Germany

Food is a huge part of every culture: what you eat, how you eat, and traditions surrounding mealtimes. With my sister as our guide we learned some lessons about German food. #1. Always "Proost" before drinking your first beer ...if not, you'll have bad sex for 7 years! YIKES! "Proost" is just the German equivalent [...]

Some of my Favorite Churches

I was going over previous posts I wrote about visiting churches recently and I just really love visiting churches. Not only are they architecturally gorgeous but they are dark and mysterious with some of the most beautiful artwork. So here are some of my favorite traveling church posts: Scrovegni Chapel I had been looking forward [...]