Summer Plans 2018

I am incredibly excited to announce our summer plans for 2018!!! There's a lot going on, like always! 🙂 First off, Will and I BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE!!! The process was exhausting and stressful but thankfully not too drawn out. Whatever free time we have this summer will be spent decorating and some DYI work. Looking [...]


Travel Style: Germany

I hate, hate, hate packing for winter vacations! I just can't seem to fit in all my sweaters, scarves, leggings, and accessories in my suitcase(s). I am a huge over-packer in general and the cold weather just makes that so much worse. Although I did a pretty good job in packing for my family's Christmas [...]

Amsterdam Day 2

Our second day in Amsterdam was pretty relaxing, we didn't have too much on the radar at the start of the day. But here's what we ended up accomplishing: Free diamond tour at Gassan Diamond factory Wandered Vondelpark Popped into a secluded begijnhof Joined a river cruise Downed some jenever (Dutch gin) Walked around the gorgeous [...]