Student Series! A Woman’s Role in Marriage

It all started with Adam and Eve: G-d made a man and a woman for each other, starting the idea of marriage between two people. God created marriage for two people (ideally for a man and woman, according to most religious believes) to love and support each other and to help each other grow closer to [...]


Travel Tips: Planning a Trip when Money is Tight

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that my husband and I bought our first house (yay!) and therefore we just spend a whole chunk of change (boo!). Even though we know this step will inevitably change our lifestyle, we felt that traveling was still an important part of our lives that we don't [...]

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World in AP Art History

In preparation for my NEH Summer Institute, Reverence for Words: Understanding Muslim Culture through the Arts, I received a package in the mail that contained your usual welcome forms and letters along with a book of poetry and a DVD, Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World. I decided to plop down while folding laundry [...]

Photo Shoot at San Juan Capistrano

I've already done a few blog posts on the history and related literature about San Juan Capistrano. All of this was absolutely fascinating but the real reason I chose to visit this beautiful mission in Southern California was because of Pinterest. 🙂 As I was googling for places to visit I keep seeing these amazingly [...]

AP Art History @ the MFA Boston

The Museum of Fine Art in Boston is not a museum to be tackled lightly; I've been twice and still have not seen it all. Between by two trips over summer and Thanksgiving, I have tried to catalogue the pieces from the AP Art History 250 curriculum owned by the MFA with their locations (exactly like [...]