Thinking about doing a Summer Institute?

Educators, Summer may seem oh so very far away but its time to starting thinking of attending summer programs! The National Endowment for the Humanities has their Summer Institutes for 2018 up on their website! If you follow the blog, you probably saw that I attended my first summer institute in New York City this [...]


Bringing History to Life with Site-Visits

As both a teacher of world and art history there are so many times when I feel that the material I am teaching would make much more sense to then if I could show them an all-immersive experience outside the four walls of my classroom. Unfortunately, those experiences are far and few in between during [...]

Religious Worlds of New York Schedule

This past summer I had the incredible and life-changing opportunity to spend 3 weeks in New York City at the Union Theological Seminary with the Interfaith Center of New York as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant (whew that was a mouthful!). The program is running again for 2018 (yay!) and so [...]

In Praise of the Egyptian Gods

This past year I did a new Egyptian gods project, shared with me by my fab co-Humanities teacher. It was such a great way to combine art, mythology, creativity, writing, AND presentation skills!ย To teach the Egyptian gods, I put the students in partners and each group was assigned a god they had to research. With [...]

Teaching the Egyptian Book of the Dead

There are tons of different ways to teach this fabulous funerary book from ancient Egypt. I'm going to illustrate some of the ways I've taught it in both my AP Art History and Humanities classes with some of my procedures with pros and cons to each method. Read more Last Judgment of Hu-Nefer National Geographic [...]

Falling in Love with Still-life Painting

So many people are of the opinion that still-lifes are literally the worst genre of painting. Ever. They're literally the foodie Instagrams of their day. I mean why in the world would some want to carefully catalogue a tables cape of bowls, plates, food, and sometimes bugs????? I felt the same way until I had [...]

The Human Figure in Ancient Egyptian Art

I group together a few different Ancient Egyptian images into a lesson I call: The Human Figure in Ancient Egypt. I focus on the "ideal" in Ancient Egyptian art and how close (or far) some of these pieces follow the Egyptian Canon. The pieces in this lesson are Seated scribe, Kingย Menkaure and queen, Kneeling statue [...]