End of Quarter 1 Reflections

The first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year has just ended. Students have finished their quarter exams and all grades are posted: some students are cheering, some are crying... How has this Quarter gone? Well, it has been interesting. I started off with 4 Humanities I honors classes and 2 AP World History classes, a [...]


Ancient Egypt Posts

Here is a gathering of my blog posts on Ancient Egypt, some written by me and others by my students. They always seem so fascinated with Ancient Egypt and I just can't dig it, much more partial to the Ancient Near East. In Praise of the Egyptian Gods Teaching the Egyptian Book of the Dead [...]

The Diversity of the Islamic World

One of the major themes running through out summer NEH program was tracing the diversity within the Islamic World. We had a chance to look through a variety of art forms to really examine if the term "Islamic World" is even appropriate. For example, what does a Mongolian shepherd have in common with an oil [...]

Employing Different Teaching Methods in Humanities

I have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of flexibility in Humanities (my standards are super vague, for example I have to teach "art of diverse cultures"...check!). This can be so freeing especially in an educational climate that is choking so many good teachers into robotic instruction, however the downside of it can be [...]