Religious Worlds of New York Site Visits

Through my amazing summer program, I got to go on a few great site visits to experience different houses of worship and participate in some beautiful events. The sites may fluctuate a bit year to year (if you are planning on attending in the future) but this is the general idea: Bronx Lourdes Grotto The [...]


Student Series! Hasidism in Brooklyn

We explored Brooklyn this past weekend and interestingly enough one of my Humanities students did a blog post on the Jewish Hasidic community in Brooklyn. Perfect, huh!? JMF Introduction to Hasidism Hasidism, which is translates to “pious ones,” was a movement that came from Orthodox Judaism and was founded by Rabbi Israel Ben Eliezer. After [...]

Student Series! Code of Hammurabi vs The Ten Commandments

This student series post is by an old AP Art History student who took Humanities afterwards and so she smartly used her AP knowledge of the Stele of Hammurabi to write this great blog post comparing it to the Ten Commandments. JMF “An Eye for an Eye Makes the World Go Blind." There are many [...]


Our school just stared a Jewish Student Union Club (JSU) and I was so incredibly excited to hear about it so I went to their first meeting and then offered to co-sponsor it by the end. You already know my obsession with Jewish Holidays (The Sabbath, Purim, Hanukkah) but this club is about so much more than [...]

Book Review! Rashi’s Daughters series

In honor of the start of Passover tonight, I've got a medieval Jewish book review! I was first introduced to this wonderful trilogy by my Jewish roommate in college (the same one who introduced me to Purim) and I picked up the other two books quiet recently in preparation for my units on Medieval Europe [...]