Book Review: If you love The Handmaid’s Tale…

For starters, if you love the HBO series The Handmaid's Tale then you really need to read the book by Margaret Atwood. But if you are already past that point then I have the next book for you: The Red Tent by Anita Diamond! Read more: Book Review! The Handmaid’s Tale The gist is that The [...]


Catholic Culture: Liturgical Living

One of my goals for this past year or so has been to increase our liturgical living in our home. This is a concept that can certainly apply to other Christian denominations but is quite particular to Catholics (& I believe Orthodox...?). Essentially there is more to faith, any faith, than the once a week [...]

Medieval Al-Andalus

The Andalusian region certainly has a different flavor, sound, and look than the rest of Spain. Today this region is called Andalusia but that comes from the Arabic term Al-Andalus for the Muslim-controlled regions of the Iberian Peninsula. This multi-cultural past remains very visible in the major cities of Cordoba, Granada and Seville (the three [...]

Student Series! Catholic Weddings

In honor of our second wedding anniversary this month, I figured this student series on catholic weddings was perfectly timed! Also all of the photos below are from our wedding photographer and good friend, Scott David Photography. Check out his website! JMF You may find yourself at a wedding this summer that celebrates customs you aren’t familiar [...]

Religious Worlds of New York Curriculum Projects

The full file of Curriculum Development projects are on the Religious Worlds of New York website, but I wanted to highlight some of the my favorite projects done by the last cohort group. I also wrote a blog post highlighting my Curriculum Development project HERE! “If You Can’t Take the Heat”: Jewish and Islamic Dietary [...]