Student Series! Moses: The Chosen One

In Ancient Egypt there was a new pharaoh that rose to power and enforced slavery upon the Israelite tribes. This slavery was extremely harsh and the Israelite slaves were treated brutally by the Egyptian masters. The pharaoh saw the Israelites as a threat because of their big population, so to control this population he commanded [...]


Catholic Culture: The Three Kings

Today is the last day of the Christmas season for Catholics, although you wouldn't know that by the trees left out on the curb on many people's driveways. The Epiphany is the traditional day that the Three Magi (aka Kings or Wise men) visited baby Jesus and brought him gifts of gold. frankincense, and myrrh. [...]

Student Series! Celebrating Christmas

History of Christmas Christians have been celebrating Christmas as the day of Jesusโ€™ birth on December 25th since the early 4th century. The first credible observance of the holiday was in Rome in 336 CE. The earliest Christians do not seem to have been commemorating the birth of Christ, but His baptism and resurrection. Actually, [...]

Student Series! Jerusalem

Jerusalem, considered one of the holiest city in the entire world has long been divided over three of the worldโ€™s major religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Dome of the Rock contains the Foundation Stone which is important to all three religions as the traditional site of the Sacrifice of Isaac.ย Although these religions have a [...]

Catholic Culture: Immaculate Conception & Veiling

Today is the Immaculate Conception, a Catholic holy day of obligation, and I have really wanted to step up my liturgical living so step 1 is attending mass on these days. Additionally, the Immaculate Conception has kind of become a "Wear a Veil to Mass Day." There are parish social media ads for women to [...]

Student Series! Medieval Church Architecture

During the Middle Ages religion and worship were a large part of daily life. As Christianity's beliefs progressed, grew stronger and spread further, larger and larger churches were rapidly constructed. Massive stone buildings with ornate and detailed architecture quickly spread through Medieval Europe. Most medieval churches were shaped like a cross; this layout had a [...]