Student Series! Mahayana Buddhism

Mahayana Buddhism, often referred to as the “Great Vehicle” (to signify Buddha’s grand ability to act as a vehicle or guide for his followers) was formed around 100 CE within India. Overtime, it gained immense popularity and has contributed significantly to the cultures of Central and East Asia. The spread of Buddhism, however, has created [...]


Student Series! Buddhist Bride

Ceremony Symbols Marriage in Buddhism is neither seen as holy or unholy; it is seen as more secular and an individual choice. Even so, aspects of Buddhism are essential to the ceremony itself. There are certain elements that are represented throughout the ceremony, such as incense and prayer flags to facilitate a “positive place.” For [...]

Religious Worlds of New York Curriculum Projects

The full file of Curriculum Development projects are on the Religious Worlds of New York website, but I wanted to highlight some of the my favorite projects done by the last cohort group. I also wrote a blog post highlighting my Curriculum Development project HERE! “If You Can’t Take the Heat”: Jewish and Islamic Dietary [...]

Travel Tips: Dressing for Houses of Worship

While most people understand the term "Sunday best" for a typical Protestant service, knowing what to wear for other houses of worship of different religious backgrounds can be daunting, especially for ladies! Luckily, this summer I had the fantastic experience to visit so many different sacred sites and I certainly learned some "do's and dont's" [...]

Religious Worlds of New York Schedule

This past summer I had the incredible and life-changing opportunity to spend 3 weeks in New York City at the Union Theological Seminary with the Interfaith Center of New York as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant (whew that was a mouthful!). The program is running again for 2018 (yay!) and so [...]

Religious Worlds of New York Site Visits

Through my amazing summer program, I got to go on a few great site visits to experience different houses of worship and participate in some beautiful events. The sites may fluctuate a bit year to year (if you are planning on attending in the future) but this is the general idea: Bronx Lourdes Grotto The [...]

Pilgrimage in Art History

Looking back on Art History the aspect of pilgrimage is one that provides a distinctive form and function to religious practices and structures. Here are some of the most notable buildings in the art history curriculum: Chavin de Huantar, Peru Most pilgrimage sites are located at some holy ground and Chavin is no different; it [...]