Student Series! Fete for Lwa

Voodoo (aka Vodun or Vodou) can best be described as a unique religion surrounded with mystery and very strong opinions. Many peoiple view the Voodoo religion as a nightmarish combination of spells, witch craft, zombies and rituals, unfortuntally promted by popular movies or TV shows. However, Voodoo may not be as frightening and taboo as [...]


Student Series! Religion’s Purpose in Ancient Greece

The mysteries of what occurs after death has created a need for humans to seek religion. This has been a characteristic of humanity throughout ages, but Ancient Greek religion was fascinating and enticing to me. It was characterized by a distinct background that still makes it known today as the poster-child for mythology. The Greeks [...]

Honoring the Sabbath

Whether you practice Orthodox Judaism and pre-rip your toilet paper or just take a day off from work and focus on pleasure, "honoring the sabbath" is an important part of weekly life. Unfortunately, I did not do a good job of honoring the sabbath this past year and it seriously negatively affected my happiness in [...]


Our school just stared a Jewish Student Union Club (JSU) and I was so incredibly excited to hear about it so I went to their first meeting and then offered to co-sponsor it by the end. You already know my obsession with Jewish Holidays (The Sabbath, Purim, Hanukkah) but this club is about so much more than [...]