Book Review: If you love The Handmaid’s Tale…

For starters, if you love the HBO series The Handmaid's Tale then you really need to read the book by Margaret Atwood. But if you are already past that point then I have the next book for you: The Red Tent by Anita Diamond! Read more: Book Review! The Handmaid’s Tale The gist is that The [...]


Catholic Culture: Liturgical Living

One of my goals for this past year or so has been to increase our liturgical living in our home. This is a concept that can certainly apply to other Christian denominations but is quite particular to Catholics (& I believe Orthodox...?). Essentially there is more to faith, any faith, than the once a week [...]

The Diversity of the Islamic World

One of the major themes running through out summer NEH program was tracing the diversity within the Islamic World. We had a chance to look through a variety of art forms to really examine if the term "Islamic World" is even appropriate. For example, what does a Mongolian shepherd have in common with an oil [...]

Employing Different Teaching Methods in Humanities

I have a lot, and I mean A LOT, of flexibility in Humanities (my standards are super vague, for example I have to teach "art of diverse cultures"...check!). This can be so freeing especially in an educational climate that is choking so many good teachers into robotic instruction, however the downside of it can be [...]

A Reverence for Words: Understanding Muslim Culture through the Arts Reading List

Next week starts my 2- week summer teacher education program, A Reverence for Words: Understanding Muslims Cultures through the Arts. This will be my second National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute; last year I went to the Religious Worlds of New York Institute and this year I's excited back in the city that never [...]