19 Goals for 2019

I am not a New Year resolution kind of a gal. Don't get me wrong, I make goals that are like resolutions, I just don't tie them to start on January 1st. I'm on a rolling deadline instead. 🙂 However, this year I was thinking of overarching goals I had for myself for 2019 (read: [...]

2018 Book Reviews

I'm a big reader, but until I started this list I didn't actually realize how many books I manage to read in a year. I quite honestly thought I was low on the numbers because I'm so busy during the school year but this list has shown me that is anything but true! I do [...]

Feliz Noche Buena!

Christmas Eve is the big day for my family (& many Hispanic families) so we will be celebrating at my godmother's house with a feast. Like on all good holidays, I will probably be enjoying myself too much to take pictures so enjoy some memories from the ghost of Christmas past! Read more: Celebrating “La Befana” [...]