Book Review! China in Ten Words

A book review for China in Ten Words by Yu Hua.


Student Series! A Hindu Union

Continuing on with the Valentines/love theme of the month...a Hindu wedding post! Disclaimer: I am not Hindu and this post was also written by a student who is not Hindu for a Humanities project. Basic facts were checked but I am sure some of the more complicated aspects of Hindu weddings were glossed over. If [...]

Writing & Art

Writing can be the art itself, or it can accompany the art, assisting in its interpretation and narrative. Utilizing writing in art allows the informed audience to add a deeper layer of meaning to the piece. The Vienna Genesis (below) is an example of writing complementing the art in which the writing coincides with the vignette shown. [...]

Student Series! Rock Out, but Actually the Opposite: Zen Gardens

Although this was written as part of my Humanities Blog  Project, it totally correlates to Ryoan-ji from the AP Art History curriculum! JMF We all share this planet earth, we have to learn to live in harmony and peace with each other and with nature. This is not just a dream, but a necessity. --The Dalai [...]

Art Through Time: A Global View

  So I have had the privileged to meet up with a few AP Art History teachers in the past few weeks and the one thing I notice more people need to know about is Annenberg Learner's series: "Art Through Time:  A Global View." I take the time to show ALL episodes with my AP [...]

Making the Most of Massachusetts

Last summer we went up to visit my husband's family in Cape Cod. It was a nice combination of bonding family time and touristy sight-seeing. Here was our one-week itinerary: Day 1 We caught an early flight from Orlando to Boston and then drove out to Cape Cod. Spent the afternoon getting to know the [...]