AP Art History @ The Met

This is the Mecca of all art museums (I've never been to the Louvre so maybe that's up there too ;)...lol). I made the mistake of trying to see what it would be like to spend opening to close at the Met...I don't suggest it at all! But to save you the effort, I catalogued the [...]


Veneration of the Virgin: The Art of Icons in Greek Orthodox Theology

Update! our curriculum development projects are live! CHECK EM OUT! One of the fabulous things about the Religious Worlds of New York NEH Summer Institute is that each participant also had the opportunity to create a lesson plan fit for their teaching curriculum. This meant that not only did I get 3 weeks of incredible [...]

Student Series! Protofeminists of the Middle Ages

Feminism is the belief in the equality of all genders, regardless of age, race, religion, or sexuality. Feminism celebrates the opportunity for women to make choices that will benefit their future. Though feminism may not have existed as it does today, brave women of medieval Europe challenged what it meant to be a women in [...]

Student Series! Saints & Disease: Pray the Pain Away

A saint, generally, is a holy person, while a patron saint is a holy figure associated with an issue/problem, and you’d pray to G-d through that saint to resolve the issue. Saints and patron saints aren’t worshipped themselves, but their status as close to God allows the saints to be respected and venerated by their followers. [...]

Student Series! Medieval Church Architecture

During the Middle Ages religion and worship were a large part of daily life. As Christianity's beliefs progressed, grew stronger and spread further, larger and larger churches were rapidly constructed. Massive stone buildings with ornate and detailed architecture quickly spread through Medieval Europe. Most medieval churches were shaped like a cross; this layout had a [...]

Student Series! Levels of Feudalism

Feudalism was a social system that was used during the European Middle Ages. In this social system kings and popes fought for power, lords were provided land in exchange for military service, and peasants sought to survive. “The history of the past is but one long struggle upward to equality.” --Elizabeth Cady Stanton Life of [...]

Student Series! Medieval Pilgrims

In the Middle Ages, many people went on journeys called a pilgrimages. “A pilgrimage is a journey a pilgrim makes to a sacred place for the purpose of venerating it or to ask for heavenly aid, and ultimately to come to know God better” (World Youth Day).  Although you did not have to be religious [...]