Student Series! Moses: The Chosen One

In Ancient Egypt there was a new pharaoh that rose to power and enforced slavery upon the Israelite tribes. This slavery was extremely harsh and the Israelite slaves were treated brutally by the Egyptian masters. The pharaoh saw the Israelites as a threat because of their big population, so to control this population he commanded [...]


Teaching Archaeology in AP Art History

My introduction lesson to "history" (versus Prehistory), is  called "Ancient Archaeology." I pretend to employ my class as archaeologists and as they have to go out and research four different art pieces: White Temple and its ziggurat Statue of votive figures Lamassu Audience Hall I try to be really silly with this lesson and I will [...]

Student Series! Power to the People

Ancient Greece brought us the idea of a historian, advancements in mathematics, philosophical thought, theater, a courtroom with juries, Greek salad, and the Olympic games, but, democracy also has its roots in Ancient Greece. In 500 BCE, the idea of citizenship started in Ancient Greece, specifically Athens. In this political system, "ordinary" people play a [...]

#25. Lamassu from the citadel of Sargon II

So literally the lamassu are some of my favorites to teach in the Ancient World - I just think they are incredibly adorable and they are so much fun to teach! I've seen two sets of lamassu, in the Pergamon Museum and the Metropolitan Museum, so you might see different backgrounds in the images. Art Historical [...]

In Praise of the Egyptian Gods

This past year I did a new Egyptian gods project, shared with me by my fab co-Humanities teacher. It was such a great way to combine art, mythology, creativity, writing, AND presentation skills! To teach the Egyptian gods, I put the students in partners and each group was assigned a god they had to research. With [...]

Student Series! Sacred Prostitution

Introduction to the Near East The Near East describes the land stretching from Northern Africa to the Middle East. Mesopotamia, is a specific a region within the Near East, encompassed the fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The map below depicts the geography of the ancient Near East.. Mesopotamian religion followed a pantheon [...]