Prehistoric Posts

  As we all start planning the next year of school here are some blog posts to help you gather information on the Prehistoric pieces in the AP Art History curriculum: #1 Apollo 11 stones #2 Great Hall of the Bulls #3 Camelid sacrum in the shape of a canine #4 Running horned woman #5 [...]


Teaching the Natural World in Prehistory

I group all the Prehistoric images that focus on the natural world (i.e. animals) together in a PowerPoint and teach the historical context of hunters-and-gatherers through the art they have left behind. My PowerPoints have hardly any words on them because I want to train my students to look and discuss to get the answers. [...]

Student Series! A Caveman’s Way of Creating Art

Created from approximately 16,000-14,000 BCE, the Hall of the Bulls was rediscovered in 1940. These amazing murals show the techniques and intuition of the Paleolithic society that thrived in what is today modern-day France. Materials & Painting Technique Paleolithic artists of the Lascaux caves in France were surprisingly creative in their techniques in painting the animal [...]