Falling in Love with Still-life Painting

So many people are of the opinion that still-lifes are literally the worst genre of painting. Ever. They're literally the foodie Instagrams of their day. I mean why in the world would some want to carefully catalogue a tables cape of bowls, plates, food, and sometimes bugs????? I felt the same way until I had [...]

Painting Techniques in Art History

There are a million ways to make art, one of the most popular though time has been painting, but even within that category there are a few different options. The ones that appear most often in the AP Art History Curriculum are: fresco, tempera, & oil painting. Fresco Frescos are the preferred method of antiquity, especially [...]

Writing & Art

Writing can be the art itself, or it can accompany the art, assisting in its interpretation and narrative. Utilizing writing in art allows the informed audience to add a deeper layer of meaning to the piece. The Vienna Genesis (below) is an example of writing complementing the art in which the writing coincides with the vignette shown. [...]

Top 8 Berlin Museums 

There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of museums in Berlin. If you are at all interested in museums, and trust me these people have a museum for everyone, I highly suggest the 3-day Museum Pass. Its only 24 euro and quickly pays for itself. Between my five family members, we covered a [...]