Ancient Egypt Posts

Here is a gathering of my blog posts on Ancient Egypt, some written by me and others by my students. They always seem so fascinated with Ancient Egypt and I just can't dig it, much more partial to the Ancient Near East. In Praise of the Egyptian Gods Teaching the Egyptian Book of the Dead [...]


Ancient Near East Posts

After you've gone through Prehistory it's time to jump into the Ancient Near East! Yay! The first period of "history" - my students always get a kick out of that idea. The following blog posts are most geared towards AP Art History but can easily be adapted for a Humanities or Ancient World History course. [...]

AP Art History @ the MFA Boston

The Museum of Fine Art in Boston is not a museum to be tackled lightly; I've been twice and still have not seen it all. Between by two trips over summer and Thanksgiving, I have tried to catalogue the pieces from the AP Art History 250 curriculum owned by the MFA with their locations (exactly like [...]

JSTOR: How People Paid Their Taxes in Biblical Times

This post originally appeared on JSTOR Daily Blog as "How People Paid Their Taxes in Biblical Times" (it's an awesome blog if you are into random intellectual stuff!). JMF   Think doing your taxes is annoying? Imagine trying it without a computer, a calculator… or even the Arabic numeral system. That was the situation in [...]

AP Art History @ The Met

This is the Mecca of all art museums (I've never been to the Louvre so maybe that's up there too ;) I made the mistake of trying to see what it would be like to spend opening to close at the Met...I don't suggest it at all! But to save you the effort, I catalogued the [...]

Student Series! Captain America vs Gilgamesh

The Characters Steven Grant Rogers shares several similarities with Gilgamesh; both were extreme in every aspect of their personalities, as Doctor Erskine told Steve, “[the serum] amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse.” Similarly, to Gilgamesh’s “Surpassing all other kings, heroic in stature...” paired with his temperance of a “...wild [...]