Book Review! The Handmaid’s Tale

Book Review! The Handmaid’s Tale

Ok so The Handmaid’s Tale is now a hugely popular series on Hulu and although I haven’t seen an episode  yet (2.12.20 update: I watched season 1), the trailer looks hauntingly awesome. The scenes from the trailer actually reminded me of the Flemish Beguinages we recently visited while in Belgium (take a peek at our pictures and you’ll see what I mean!).

I have, however, read the book by Margaret Atwood a few years ago and it stayed with me. If you like the utopia/dystopia genre (Divergent Series, 1984, Brave New World, etc.) then this is the book for you! I liked that this book was different from some others in the genre because it focuses on women’s issues especially the concepts of sexuality and fertility in a dystopian world.


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