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Book Review! Rashi’s Daughters series

Book Review! Rashi’s Daughters series

I was first introduced to this wonderful trilogy by my Jewish roommate in college (the same one who introduced me to Purim) and I picked up the other two books quiet recently in preparation for my units on Medieval Europe and World Religions. I absolutely LOVE this series and would read more by the author, Maggie Anton, into infinity.

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Each book centers around one of the three daughters of Rashi, who is a monumentally important and influential medieval Jewish scholar. Through these women’s eyes, you get to learn about the lives of Jewish women during this time period and intersect other major events of the Middle Ages.

Although this is certainly a book of historical fiction, the author researched a lot while writing it so it convincingly allows you to step into the past. While the books seem geared for teens, they are thoroughly enjoyable by adults. If you have any interests in women’s history – this is a must read!


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