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Swiss Weekend, part III: Bern

Swiss Weekend, part III: Bern

My last day of my whirlwind trip to Switzerland was spent in Bern (also a UNESCO Site). But before I get to Bern I would like to introduce you to these little guys above.

We started the day off eating yummy bread. I was taught the “correct” way to eat them. You have to rip off their heads first so they “die” and feel no pain as you devour their bodies. What a lovely sadistic way to start your day!

First stop, Paul Klee art museum. Paul Klee is a famous 20th century artists working around both World Wars. I’m not going to pretend I actually knew anything more than that going into the museum, because I didn’t but I learned a lot. The museum has amazing architecture, it’s actually the part I loved the best, it was built by Renzo Piano (an Italian). I’m definitely going to read up about him now! Here are some of my favorite pieces below:


FYI Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It’s ok if you didn’t know that, neither did I, my boyfriend looked it up for me. The Old City of Bern is UNESCO Site because it frankly it is one of the coolest and creative medieval cities I have seen (and I have actually seen quite a few so I can say that). Bern was founded in the 12th century on a peninsula plateau surrounded by the Aare River. Although it was largely rebuilt in the 18th century, it retained its windy streets, charming houses, and character. The city looks like it is trying to keep itself on the plateau it’s built on but also slowly sliding into the river.


All in all, I was really sad to leave. I found a welcoming home here with people whom I managed to feel connected to without a common language and in just two days. I think that’s what I love most about travelling, you have the best, unexpected experiences with people who start out as strangers and hopefully become friends.


P.S. I totally stopped by the FIRST Starbucks I saw shamelessly and enjoyed my very expensive coffee.



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