Travel Tips: Traveling with Family

Whether it's a family reunion, vacation with your folks (or in-laws) or a family road trip, family trips are infamous for being crazy and stressful. Now I can't fix all the trials that come with traveling with relatives, but I do have a lot of experiences traveling with my family that can probably help make [...]


Visiting Mayan Temples: Uxmal vs. Chichen Itza

Although not the only Mayan temple complexes on the Yucatan Peninsula, these two are certainly the most famous. Oh and they are both UNESCO SITES! (Uxmal & Chichen Itza) πŸ™‚ We were lucky enough on our last trip to visit both complexes, which I recommend if you have the time; if not, here is a [...]

Student Series! Moses: The Chosen One

In Ancient Egypt there was a new pharaoh that rose to power and enforced slavery upon the Israelite tribes. This slavery was extremely harsh and the Israelite slaves were treated brutally by the Egyptian masters. The pharaoh saw the Israelites as a threat because of their big population, so to control this population he commanded [...]