02. Ancient Mediterranean, Art & Humanities

AP Art History: The Ancient Mediterranean by Region

AP Art History: The Ancient Mediterranean by Region

Ancient Near East

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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Greece

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Ancient Rome

  • 39. House of the Vettii. Pompeii, Italy. Imperial Roman. c. second century BCE; rebuilt c. 62–79 CE. Cut stone and fresco.
  • 40. Alexander Mosaic from the House of Faun, Pompeii Republican Roman. c. 100 BCE. Mosaic.
  • 42. Head of a Roman patrician. Republican Roman. c. 75–50 BCE. Marble.
  • 43. Augustus of Prima Porta. Imperial Roman. Early first century CE. Marble.
  • 44. Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater). Rome, Italy. Imperial Roman. 70–80 CE. Stone and concrete.
  • 45. Forum of Trajan. Rome, Italy. Apollodorus of Damascus. Forum and markets: 106–112 CE; column completed 113 CE. Brick and concrete (architecture); marble (column).
  • 46. Pantheon. Imperial Roman. 118–125 CE. Concrete with stone facing.
  • 47. Ludovisi Battle Sarcophagus. Late Imperial Roman. c. 250 CE. Marble.
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