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An Evening in Santorini

An Evening in Santorini

Our our Greece Spring Break trip we spent 5 days or so cruising around the Aegean Sea. Our last stop on the cruise was to the picturesque island of Santorini, unfortunately we got there too late to spend much time on the island & I debated taking the DSLR camera because we were losing light but I’m so glad I did! We didn’t have much sun left, but the little we had illuminated the white buildings beautifully. Once the sun went down, I spent the remaining time strolling the streets enjoying the gorgeous night.

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I do really want to go back to Santorini (& Mykonos) because those were the two places where we had the least time to explore. Adding it them back on the bucket list!

Santorini coastline with sailboatarriving in Santorini Taylor crazy hair backarriving in Santorini Taylor crazy hair - editedSantorini coastlineSantorini coastline horizontalarrving in Santorini girls crazy hairSantorini church dome & belltowerSantorini with laurenSantorini alleywaySantorini blue & orange churchSantorini cityscapeSantorini belltower 2Santorini landscape with auntSantorini church with cotton candy sky - editedSantorini Miraculous metal churchSantorini pink houseSantorino villagescapeSantorini belltowerSantorini church with cruise - editedSantorini ERicSantorini sunset with pots


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