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Amsterdam: Day 2

Amsterdam: Day 2

Our second day in Amsterdam was pretty relaxing, we didn’t have too much on the radar at the start of the day. But here’s what we ended up accomplishing:

  • Free diamond tour at Gassan Diamond factory
  • Wandered Vondelpark
  • Popped into a secluded begijnhof (béguinages)
  • Joined a river cruise
  • Downed some jenever (Dutch gin)
  • Walked around the gorgeous neighborhoods

Well that didn’t seem like a lot before I wrote it all down, but I promise it was a leisurely day. 🙂

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Gassan Diamond Tour

We spent about an hour on a free, private tour learning all about the 4 C’s (I can’t really remember what they are right now…lol) and then we got to handle diamonds that literally equal my yearly salary. That was scary! Our course, as with any industry tour, they went you to buy something at the end but we happily walked out without purchasing anything. Although, if you are in the market for diamonds, their prices were competitive.



Just enjoyed a leisurely hour or so wandering around the park enjoying not having a plan.


Amsterdam Begijnhof (Béguinages)

The Béguinages (also called Begijnhof in Dutch) are enclosed communities of a women called Béguines. This unique living style began in the 13th century for these unmarried or widowed women to entered into a life dedicated to God, but without retiring from the world.

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River Cruise

What a great way to really see the city! There are a bunch of different cruise lines to shop around. Most take about an hour and include audio information.

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Dutch Jenever

Jenever is a 300-year old Dutch gin recipe that is really well-known for its smooth flavor. I personally hate gin with a passion but “when in Rome,” right? Our waiter, seeing our lack of expertise, explained the way to drink jenever with a beer chaser. That did not go down well but it was an experience.

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