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Amsterdam: Day 1

Amsterdam: Day 1

We took a morning train from Brussels to Amsterdam which was a little more than 3 hours; perfect time to catch up on reading, napping, and blogging! Once we arrived in Amsterdam we hopped on a city tram to Hotel Van Gogh (despite the name, it was a hostel). Our hostel was on the opposite side of the city but closer to the things we were going to be doing in Amsterdam over the next few days.

This is The Milkmaid (my favorite painting in the world and she was temporarily relocated to the Louvre – I was so bummed! (via)

Official check in wasn’t until 2 pm, so we dropped our bags off and went to eat at the restaurant practically attached to the hostel, Blushing, then we killed some time in the Rijksmuseum. This is considered one of Amsterdam’s premier museums filled with Old Dutch Masters. I had my eye to see ONE piece of art and funny enough it had been temporarily moved to the Louvre for a Vermeer exhibit…bummer!

  • Opening times: daily 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Price: 17,50 euro (each adult)


After finishing the museum, we ran (literally ran!) to our appointment at the Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room for a cheese tasting. I found out about this place from the an awesome travel guide on Etsy by the Overseas Escape (click HERE for the link). It was a great experience we would not have thought to do otherwise.

  • Price: 16,50 euro per person for the basic Cheese Tasting Experience
  • Address: Singel 182

By the time we got out, my sister’s train was getting in (perfect timing!) so we went back to the hostel, met up and had a lovely dinner afterwards.


P.S. All the opinions are my own and no one compensated me for any praise I gave them!

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