About Me

Hello Blogging World!

13458517_10153880894583541_4382034649219806287_oMy name is Jessica.  I originally decided to start this blog because I lived in Italy during the fall of 2013 for 4 months and I needed an easy and universal way to keep in touch with everyone back home. But now that I am happily back home, I’ve continued to write on here and make the focus more travel-oriented arts and culture.

Here’s a little about me: I am an art historian (with a degree to prove it!), culture-phile (lover of all world culture), a history buff, and an avid learner so if you don’t like any of those things you probably should stop reading…like now.

I am now a high school educator, teaching AP Art History & Humanities, and my hubby is at the same high school (talk about perfect, huh!?). I was off the blog world for almost 2 years now (getting a job and all), but now I’m back and ready to write!

I hope you enjoy the journey!




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