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A Night at the Theater

A Night at the Theater

This past Friday, I made some new friends (see below)!


Here’s the short version of the story: I walked home with a lady who works at the high school I am at and got invited to her house to lunch. I said yes without knowing her name (which I later found out) and it was a great decision. She has two sons, who are 25 and 21, and one son has a girlfriend, who is 27. They were so nice to me and I immediately felt at home. Over an amazing lunch, they invited me to the theater for that night. Again, I said yes!

The Theater

First off, the theater was super fancy! It was built I think 300 years or so ago and beautiful. We had a fancy box to ourselves! I felt super cool!


The play was Macbeth. If you remember: Macbeth is a play by Shakespeare, in English, that takes place in Scotland (italics for emphasis).

But instead I watched an opera with music by Giuseppe Verdi, in Italian, that took pace in World War II in Italy. Needless to say I was very confused.


I did fall asleep for 10 minutes towards the end. Not my fault! The opera was long – 3 ½ hours and so it was midnight when we got out. After the theater we went out for drinks. I also felt super cool. I hadn’t really made any friends my age yet so it’s nice to hang out with twenty-something-year-olds like me.


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