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Honeymoon Fails

Honeymoon Fails

Even the best planned trips have their funny fail moments. Here are ours from our recent honeymoon in Costa Rica:

Fail #1

We arrived early enough at the Orlando airport to have a second breakfast at the Mexican joint (yes, we eat like Hobbits). Will wanted to get something a little extra special because it was our honeymoon so he ordered two mimosas for himself (not at the same time!). Here’s how the math went: Meal 1 $10 + Meal 2 $10 + Mimosa 1 $15 +Mimosa 2 $15 = WAYYY MORE MONEY THAN WE WANTED TO SPEND.

Tip for next time: Never, ever assume the price of drinks based off the meals.

Fail #2

We were stuck in customs what felt like forever and then got quickly rushed to our scheduled van. The transportation porter grabbed by bags to “help” me, I didn’t need it but I was too tired and frazzled to do/say anything. We got into the van and he stood there waiting around for a tip…of course…Well I literally grabbed the first bill I could find and it just so happened to be twenty-dollars USD, lovely. He shut the door quickly and we were off!

Tip for next time: Always, always have SMALL bills in that country’s currency at the ready for unexpected situations like this. Also, if you hate tipping porters, always insist on carrying your own bags.

Fail #3

Our first stop was Jaco beach and all Will packed were a pair of sneakers & boots. We promptly went to the store to buy flip flops; again not a huge deal but we live in Florida, he has like 3 pairs at home.

Tip for next time: I hate packing, so Will always second-checks my bags but it seems that I could probably do the same for him. Better yet, have a must-pack list written down and check off as you put them your bag. Obviously we do neither.

So nothing that dire happened, these were really more funny than harmful. But hey, it goes to show that planning can only take you so far!


P.S. When I typed in “Honeymoon Fails” into Google to find other stories, some terrible things came up. I’m glad our “fails” aren’t that bad! 🙂

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