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J is for Journey ButtonMy name is Jessica.  I originally decided to start this blog because I lived in Italy during the fall of 2013 for a couple of months and I needed an easy and universal way to keep in touch with everyone back home in Florida. I now live in Central Florida and try to get out and travel as much as my budget and teaching vacation time allows.

I am now a high school educator, and I have taught Standard World History, AP World History, AP Art History, & Humanities. This blog is a bit of a mix of my teaching, travels and research interests but it’s overall the exploration of world culture through many different lenses.

I am an art historian (with a degree to prove it!), culture-phile (lover of all world culture), a history buff, and an avid life-long learner. My interests are varied and widespread but center around the topics of religion, art, and travel.

I hope you enjoy the journey!



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