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Summer Series: 2012 California Trip

May 24, 2017

SoCalSummer vacation is almost upon us, what a better time to reminisce on old family trips!? I was going through old photos and found some great ones from California from our summer 2012 trip. Bit of a throwback but here’s what we did in Southern California for one week with my family!
405187_4363078316356_20811702_nBeverly Hills & Downtown L.A.
I am not a celebrity junkie but I totally bought into the celebrity tour, “Look there’s Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s house…” yea yea yea. But hey, when in Rome! Right? Right!
217602_4363164478510_1847793983_nSan Diego Zoo
One of the best zoos in the country, they focus on keeping the animals in larger green spaces, not in tiny cells with bars. I would really like to spend more time in San Diego, but we only did the zoo.
562922_4388483871479_1993340784_nGetty Villa
This was a gorgeous center of Greco-Roman art! The part I most enjoyed was that the whole museum was designed as a replica Roman villa. It really helps to understand the original purpose and location of these art pieces if they are in a museum made for this purpose; so much better than the blank cubes most museums put their art in!
524340_4388527432568_944354620_nSanta Monica Pier & Beaches
Just a disclaimer that I was born and raised in Florida, so I don’t get all googly-eyed at beaches, even the famous California beaches. Santa Monica Pier was really cool and the beaches are certainly different from Florida, but I am no fan of water that is too cold to swim in without a wetsuit!
Again, I live in Orlando…where we have Disney World…butttt Disney is always  impressive. We decided to go to California Adventures rather than Disneyland because Disneyland was über packed and I am not about that.
304755_4389268771101_17953938_nParamount Pictures Tour
Lights! Camera! Action! If you are a movie junkie (even if you are not), this is an amazing tour to see behind the scene on how some of the most famous movie moments are made. Not a cheap tour, but well worth it in my book.
486527_4396526952551_500802798_nCirque du Soleil: Iris
So apparently this Cirque du Soleil show is no longer running. 🙁 But I am a Cirque du Soleil junkie so I made sure to plan one whenever possible. Even though Iris is no longer there, there are plenty of other shows and theaters to check out in L.A.
284890_4396477231308_1883112233_nLa Brea Tar Pit
This was an unexpected delight, my family out here suggested it to us and the archeology was really interesting. A smelly place sometimes with all the bubbling tar, but great for curious kids and science lovers alike.

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