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Tips for visiting Neuschwanstein Castle

January 13, 2017

One of the MOST iconic sites in Germany, known as the “Disney Castle,” Neuschwanstein is so incredibly beautiful and should definitely be super high on any Germany bucket list. Here is my take on how to make the most out of your time to the castle:
Stay in Füsen Overnight
Even though we did a day trip from Munich, if you have the time, I would recommend staying in the town of Füssen overnight instead. It’s about a 2 hour train ride from Munich but the town is so adorable and often sadly overlooked by people rushing up to the castle. It’s totally worth the extra time!
If you are doing a day trip…buy a Regional Ticket
So regional day tickets allow you unlimited travel in one region for super cheap (especially if you are a group of 5). We got our group ticket for 56€ total!!!! This saves you money and provides flexibility because you can use it for the train to and from Munich AND the bus up to the castle ticket station. One thing to keep in mind: the ticket is ONLY valid after 9 am. We took a train that was starting at 8:53 am and bought a cheap “two stop ticket” to get around the time limitation. 🙂
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Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time
If you really want to go inside (I didn’t) then you really have to get your tickets online 2 days before you want to visit at the latest! The line at the bus stop is ridiculously long and just a waste of your precious time. The alternative would be to stay in the town of Füsen overnight and be first in line in the morning.
Dress Smart
Keep in mind the weather! You’ll be outside hiking a mountain so check the weather report; it can change quickly in mountains. Along with that, pack sensible shoes: sneakers or boots with good tread for the walk.
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Patience is Key
This is honestly true anywhere you travel but Neuschwanstein Castle is a HUGE tourist attraction. We went in winter when there are less tourists but it was still super packed. Decide what is important to you to see or do and prioritize that.
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